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#83 // Chilwell → Maguire Leicester City 1 – 1 Liverpool

If you coach a youth soccer team, you may tell your kids:

When in doubt, get your head on the ball—good things might happen.




A scramble in the box, in the final seconds of the first half at Liverpool.

Maddison takes the free kick, Ndidi attempts a shot, and then, the ball in the air…

Ben Chilwell gets a head on it.



We may need to contact the folks over at Statcast, to deliver an all new metric:

RE—Requisite Elevation. Measured in soccer-ball heights above [nearest defender’s uppermost vertical leap] + [sea level].


The ball springs out of the box at an awkward height, too difficult for a cross back in, and Chilwall devises this little idea:

Whipping his neck forward and up, getting his RE on the ball…

And it sails over seven Liverpool defenders, to the feet of Harry Maguire, and in.



Just look at the head on that boy!




One of the best header-assists you’ll see, the kind of thing only ever attempted in the desperate last moments of stoppage time.

Which is where we were.

Leicester City down by a goal, trying to steal one here from Liverpool.

In a crazy, bizarre week of Premier League soccer.



Manchester City lost to Newcastle.

Bournemouth beat Chelsea 4-0.

Man United pulled off a wild comeback to tie Burnley 2-2.

Tottenham dug out a win after playing from behind in the 80th minute.

Fulham came back down 2-0 to score four goals unanswered and win.


And tonight, on a day Liverpool could’ve gone up seven points in the EPL table…

Leicester City got this goal, and hung on for a draw.

A halftime-distracted defense at the back, a screw-it head ball from Chilwell, and an unexpected result from Leicester, moving up to 11th in the table with 7th-place Wolverhampton in range.




The Premier League, officially, is all shook up.