"premier league" 2019

#86 // Pogba → Rashford Manchester United 1 – 0 Leicester City

You’re almost exhausted by the greatness of it:

Pogba to Rashford • Rashford to Pogba.

Making a museum-worthy assist every time they’re on the field.




Prepping to play Manchester United these days must be like those home security alarm system commercials—images of masked men sneaking through a door, and a narrator saying:

It can happen anytime, anywhere. 

You never know how vulnerable you really are… until it happens to you.


Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford, breaking down the defenses of the entire EPL.




The Burglars. The Infiltrators. Les Cambrioleurs.

Entering when you’re away, entering when you’re home.

When the defense is asleep, or when they’re staring right at them, fully engaged.


It can’t be stopped, this crowbar of a right foot from Pogba.




First, there was Rashford to Pogba—on December 30th.




Without hyperbole, one of the greatest assists in Man United history.

And then, just two weeks later—there was this:

Pogba to Rashford, with a sudden 40-yard pass that made Tottenham crumble.





The other teams of the Premier League are all Cindy Lou Who, pleading with this Grinch of a duo:

When will it stop? When will it be enough?

Why are you taking our Christmas tree? peace of mind, dignity, and self worth? Why?




Well, when you wonder about the when and the whether these assists will stop, you just have to consult the man himself—Paul Pogba.

When he gave his last one, to Rashford, he quite rightly foresaw the next:



So secure your jewelry, EPL.

Get the double bolts on the doors.


You’re in for a world of hurt.