roberto firmino backheel assist pass 2019 3-0 assists

#89 // Firmino → Salah Liverpool 3 – 0 Bournemouth

You know you’re in form when this is your second-best backheel assist to Mo Salah.




Mané with the ball in midfield, jostled over to Keita, and sent lofted through the gap ahead to Roberto Firmino—when, as they said on the broadcast, “He had a simpler ball out on the left-hand side to Robertson.”


Complexity, over simplicity.

Firmino to Salah.

And Liverpool up 3-0 on Bournemouth.

Keeping pace in this two-team fight for the EPL crown.




Here, a year ago almost to the day, was the prior assist.




Firmino to Salah again.


In this golden era of Liverpool FC.