soccer football epl premier league 2019 "rose throw-in"

#91 // Rose → Kane Tottenham 1 – 1 Burnley

The most rare, the most unexpected of all… the throw-in assist.


And this one from midfield.




Tottenham down a goal in the second half, falling back in the EPL table in a year when a title race wasn’t out of the question for the first four months.


Things coming apart, one by one, except for this:

Harry Kane, after a month out from injury, is back.


And Danny Rose, with the ball in his hands on the sidelines, cooks up an idea for him.




A sneaky, cheeky, soccer-illegal maneuver that just flew under the radar of the officials.

And the tale of two stories.


That of the Arsenal fan:




And that of the Tottenham fan:




Even if Tottenham did lose. Even if they are fading fast in the table, there was this.

An exquisite, magnificent stroke of Clever handshaking Luck.


And just as we’ll always have Paris…


You Tottenham fans will always have the highlight replay…

Of the Danny Rose throw-in assist.