#92 // Iličić → Gómez + Pašalić Atalanta (1 + 2) – 0 Fiorentina

The assist so nice he did it twice.

Josip Iličić, with a magic repetition—two minutes apart.




In the 16th minute, the first.

Spinning a Zidane-like turn to open up Fiorentina, then taking it coast to coast, until at the last moment, the through ball laid forward to Papu Gómez.

1-0, Atalanta ahead.




And then in the 18th minute, he’s done it again.

Iličić taking it straight at the fullback, dancing around the ball, waiting, waiting, then the quick roll back with his left foot, in traffic…

And a perfect leading cross to Mario Pašalić.




2-0, Atalanta. In this first leg of the Coppa Italia semi-final.

With Iličić going god-mode against his former team.




In the end, they figured him out—with the game ending 3-3.

But around the whole world of soccer, from the European leagues to the World Cup, the cup tournaments, the friendlies, the Champions League…


We may have just seen the best, closest-together pair of assists all year.


From the Illmatic… Josip Iličić.


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