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#93 // Özil → Mkhitaryan Arsenal 2 – 0 Bournemouth

The epitome of what the assist is all about.

Vision. Chemistry. Selflessness.

When you could score, easily. But instead you pass.




Mesut Özil, time to be declared the EPL’s passing king.


Because when you’ve made the goalkeeper strike a pose like this…

You’ve officially won the game of Assist.



I mean, look at the guy.

It’s like when you’ve rushed down the stairs, feeling the floor greet you one step earlier than you’d wanted. Your knees launching into your throat.

When you shoot your hand up in class, with the wrong answer.

When you’re filled with air, dancing outside of a car dealership.




And so Mesut Özil—with this you’re officially the winner, in this game of Assist.

Not cheeky, nor clever, but…

“Impish”, they were calling it across the pond.




The most simple of passes, but the kind hardly anyone would care to attempt. With a near-open goal ahead, with time, with a keeper leaping off of his line desperately…

And, to the smiling delight of everyone who saw it, what none of them anticipated.




There should be an award, for play like this.

Not the best of the year, exactly.


But the official, the inaugural…


EPL Impish Pass of the Year.