#97 // Suárez → Messi Barcelona 2 – 0 Real Betis

The next X-Men movie should be set at a youth soccer academy.

A young Lionel Messi. A young Luis Suárez.

The true story—of how telepathy made its way onto a field in Seville.




I mean, just look at where his head is when he makes the pass.

And his body.

His whole entire orientation, vision, momentum.




No-look, telepathic, contortionist soccerthe kind no one but maybe Ajax can come close to matching.





The way they play is like that Mombasa scene in Inception—Leonardo DiCaprio chased through the streets by gunmen, zigging and zagging around tight corners, stuck squeezing his way through a crevice between two buildings…

And then, suddenly, he’s free.

Out into the sunlight. Into the getaway car.


And Barcelona, magically and improbably, have their goal.




It’s a form of chaos, from the perspective of the defense.

An attack spilling forward uncontrollably, with no way to organize against it.

Their formation, order, coordinationall undone in a moment, when Suárez echo-locates Messi and this wild bit of passwork finds its way through.


And something that isn’t irregular, either.

When a few months ago it was the other way around. Messi to Suárez.

That very same no-look telepathy.



#48 // Messi → Suárez Barcelona 1 – 0 Levante



Both of them, as the saying goes, with ojos en la nuca.