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#98 // Kuat → Vorogovskiy Kazakhstan 2 – 0 Scotland

The Astana Arena is 2,930 miles from Edinburgh.

And these guys are in the “Euro” qualifiers.

(Applause for the assist, but still… ) Huh?




The other teams, along with Kazakhstan, now considered part of “Europe” in the eyes of UEFA:

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Israel.


I assume this is because four of those countries were part of the Soviet Union, and Russia is included in the Euros. As for Israel… because of tension in the Middle East?

But still, at some point Asia is Asia, no? Whichever the designation shall be, “Europe” has a borderline somewhere.

If all it takes is France’s neighbor’s neighbor’s neighbor’s…. neighbor, then before long soon we’ll have:

Cambodia vs. Mozambique, Pyongyang Stadium. European trophy on the line.




It’s a beautiful assist, cutting through two lines of defense and freezing the back line on their heels, for a 2-0 lead…

But it’s Kazakhstan.


Scotland—what’s going on, big guy?




It’s been a while since they’ve had any real success.

Haven’t made the Euros since 1996.

Been out of the World Cup since ’98.


Their fans waiting for the smallest morsels of things to celebrate.

And even those morsels, too, are getting rationed away.


Dire hopelessness starting to set in for the Scottish faithful.

It’s getting ugly out there.





Here’s the manager, after the game:




As for Kazakhstan… jokes / jaw-dropping aside, the assist was a bit of beauty, and they did win convincingly.

So let’s hope they get good at soccer. For the sake of it, and for another more pressing reason.

To finally break the spell of this guy:




And as for Scotland, well…

Last time I saw them playing soccer on my screen, it was Mike Myers yelling at the “gargantuan cranium” to move out of the way.




So let’s hope they can win a friendly against Sri Lanka. Gibraltar. Samoa.



Start from there.


Then, slowly but surely, bring back the Euro pipe dream.