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#99 // Pogba → Griezmann France 1 – 0 Moldova

Paul Pogba’s had a rough go of it this year, in Manchester. In the media.

But the one solid virtue was: “Well he is a World Cup winner”

So here he is again, with team France… back in that World Cup winner form.




Not something you see every day.

The dead-leg squib chip pitching-wedge pass to Antoine Griezmann, and a brilliant finish for the goal.

Looping a cheeky ball over the defense’s back line…

Without power, weight or distance, but just a little bit of English, from the Frenchman.




Here’s another look at it, inside Zimbru Stadium in Chișinău:




Reminds you of a certain chip pass from one Eric Cantona, does it not?

1993. Man United vs. Tottenham.


What the man himself called, in Looking for Eric, his sweetest moment ever.

“It wasn’t a goal,” he says. “It was a pass.”




Bravo, Mr. Paul Pogba.