#100 // Gabriel Jesus → Sané Manchester City 2 – 0 Cardiff City

The word “chesty” doesn’t usually apply to a man.

But I propose a change to that.

In the name of this very chesty assist, indeed.





When you search on Twitter for “Jesus + chest”, looking for the reaction to this, you understandably come up with some diverse results.





And odd trip down Twitter-as-a-metaphor-for-humanity Lane…

Until we find, eventually, what we’re looking for.




Gorgeous, indeed. And clever. Instinctual. Almost a little bizarre, too.

With the ball coming in from Mahrez on a cross, over Cardiff’s back line, to Gabriel Jesus in an open little pocket of space, Sané in an even bigger pocket of space to his right…

And then, that chest pass. Out of nowhere.


In the corner of his vision, he must’ve spotted him, still locked onto the cross—and then, in a quick decision, flipped his chest across his body and knocked the ball down to his right.

With Sané, on the volley, making it 2-0 for City.


Unclear how you could ever think that one up.




But an assist that deserves a special recognition, as it might just be the only one like it all year.

The kind of thing you might go coining a name for, in his honor.

The Jesus Pass.


The kind that’ll come around once a year. Every April 3rd.


The birthday special: