#103 // Suárez → Messi Barcelona 2 – 0 Liverpool

Off the crossbar, again??




Just days ago it was Schmeichel-to-Vardy-to-crossbar-to-Vardy and in…

Leicester City over Arsenal.


And now—again?




Pretty soon, “bar exam” may have to take on an entire new meaning…

No longer a legal benchmark, but the most urgent pre-game check for every FIFA competition. Because, at some point, you have to wonder—what’s going on with these bars?

Magnetism? Air current manipulation? Magic?


However it’s been happening, it would behoove any team to figure out how to keep it happening. Because, when you hit the bar like this, you unlock soccer.

And you get it to walk it in, against one of the world’s greatest defenses.




This by the way, should’ve been the celebration:




Barcelona won it in the end, 3-0…

After maybe the most brilliant, beautiful free kick Messi has taken in his life.





And so, that second goal, that assist off the crossbar—may go down as one of the forgotten goals, after a finale like that.


One of the goals of a lifetime.

And his 600th for Barcelona.


One more leg to go until the Champions League final.