#104 // Alexander-Arnold → Origi Liverpool 4 – 3 Barcelona

Finally, the one we’ve been looking for.

The greatest assist of the year.




We all saw it, did we not?

One of the great comebacks in soccer history—Liverpool beating Barcelona 4-0 at home to make the Champions League final, in a game they had to win by that amount.

And to win it like this?

For that fourth goal to come like this??




What must be the greatest corner kick in history…

Saving a season that was one of Liverpool’s very best, yet bound for second in the EPL.


Cheeky, yes. But Godly. Blessed. Holy.

The night divine intervention made its way into Anfield.

Re-inflating the dream of a trophy chance… in this 2019 wonder season.




A magical night in Liverpool, a most magical home for soccer.

The semifinal of the Champions League. Against Messi, Suárez, this dominant Barcelona team.

Having gone up, somehow, 3-0 to even the aggregate goals. But needing one more.


The ball goes out for a corner, Trent Alexander-Arnold steps aside to let Shaqiri take it, and then…

He glances up. The Barcelona defense drifts around half-asleep. The keeper, too.

And Divock Origi, standing there alert.

The unsung-to-sung hero of these final games of the season. The goal against Newcastle. And the first goal tonight.


This was how things looked, at the moment the corner was taken:





A moment later, we had our moment of history.


Update: weeks later, here’s the assist man himself to explain what happened.




We can’t forget, however, the other player in this whole thing.

Assist man number two.

Oakley Cannonier. Anfield ballboy.




Here’s Jose “Top Ballboy” Mourinho, punditizing on that very subject:




Who to credit, for this winking reach down from the heavens?

The assist man, the goal scorer, the entire team, the fans, the stadium, the ballboy.

Everyone and everything a legend, relics into the Liverpool club museum.

For this, one of the all-time celebrations at that field.


So great you’ve got the ushers getting in on the reeenactment.




Soccer magic.

A comeback that still feels imagined.


And, without any debate, equivocation or wondering…

We’ve gotten a most obvious, decisive thing:


The very best assist of the year.