#105 // Alli → Moura Tottenham 3 – 2 Ajax

Not the very greatest assist you’ll see.

But a day after the miracle at Anfield, it earns itself a tie—for goal of the year.

It happened again??





There are times when life feels mundane, rutted into the predictable. In dating. In work, school, politics, everything.

But in soccer? Right now?

We’ve entered into the sublime.





Cemented into the Champions League walk of fame, this one, the moment it happened.

Tottenham, down 1-0 from the first leg, then behind 2-0 tonight…

Just won. 

To go to the final, against Liverpool.


The biggest goal in Tottenham history, is it not?


In the most tense of situations:

It goes wide, they lose. It goes in, they win.

Without a chance for a tie, nor extra time, nor penalties. No time left on the clock, and the away-goals rule in effect to make the path of that ball, decisively, responsible for a winner.

And it goes in.


This world-class Ajax team collapses to the ground.

Amsterdam deflates. Its canals drain into the sea. Its hashpipes sputter out, going cold.


And for Tottenham, an ending that was sublime—to the transcendeth degree.

But without a little touch pass from Dele Alli…

Tottenham goes home empty-handed, once again. The trophy discussion put off for another year.





So, Mr. Moura. Mr. Hat Trick. Mr. Savior.

After the goal of your life, remember:

Point to the passer.


In gratitude, for giving you the moment of all Tottenham moments.