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#106 // Referee → Majdancevic Rosenheim 2 – 1 Schalding-Heining

They say the “12th man” is the crowd and the atmosphere they create.

But have we been overlooking the 13th man?





The ball gets sent downfield over the middle, the keeper charging out to clear it.

He does, and then we get this.

The 13th man springing into action. The man in black.

Ricocheting that ball onto a platter for Danijel Majdancevic


Something that might happen once a season, around the world. Less than that?

If there’s ever even been a referee “assist” from that distance.


There was one other assist credited to the ref here, but not of the same nature. No pass. No contact with the ball. But a shamefully awarded penalty to Cristiano Ronaldo after diving in the Portugal vs. Spain game, in last year’s World Cup.

“Assist”, yes, but not like this. This one today was different. Almost… impressive?



#5 // Referee → Ronaldo Portugal 1 – 0 Spain



On a Reddit post about the goal, someone said:

“Very strong contender for Kacktor des Monats”


Which, as it turns out (I think), is like a German version of “Shaqtin’ A Fool”:






Kacktor Des Monats? Check.

And there’s one more compilation this might just be needed for.

The greatest skills in 13th man history: