#107 // Aina → Falque Torino 1 – 0 Lazio

Ola Aina, and what they call a rimessa laterale in Italy.

One of the most gorgeous you’ll see.





Before we get into the assist—ever hear of the intrusive r? 


When John Lennon sang:

I sawr a film today, oh boy… 


When Brits say idear.


JFK saying Cubar. Bernie Sanders and North Korear. 


Well, we may have just stumbled one of the all-time great intrusive-r soccer names:

Ola Aina.


Also known as Olar Ainar.





He’s in Italy now, but played on Hull City last year. And came over on loan from Chelsea.

So if he makes it back to England anytime soon…

Might be quite a few pronunciations worth listening for.





Even from himself—as, according to his father, he can’t pronounce his own name:




However you say it…

The throw was world class. And a most meaningful one, too.

The final game of the Serie A season for Torino and Lazio. The winner to finish seventh in the table, one spot ahead of the other.

A lot of pride on the line. A scoreless draw in the second half, and then—this.


Aina launching the throw from the sideline to the goalmouth.

To the feet of Iago Falque, volleying it into the net for a 1-0 lead.





In the end, it finished 3-1, Torino ahead of Lazio.

And with the final Serie A table like this, for 2018-19:




With Aina’s throw starting off the scoring, in this great finale of a great, surprising year from Torino.

The best thrown-assist this season, a smidge ahead of Danny Rose:



#91 // Rose → Kane Tottenham 1 – 1 Burnley



Next year, we wait. And we watch. For Ola Aina.

Have we got another Rory Delap on our hands?