#109 // Matip → Origi Liverpool 2 – 0 Tottenham

When people have only one child, they may say:

“You’re our favorite child.”


Well likewise here, from Joël Matip…

The very best assist of the Champions League final.





It’s not often that an assist gets added to a player’s Wikipedia page.




And not often that Joël Matip gets any assist at all.




Or that Divock Origi would score the cherry-on-the-cake winning goal.





Not often, either, that Liverpool wins the whole Champions League. After finishing eighth in the EPL just three years ago.

Or that we have an all-England final on our hands.

With Tottenham, of all teams, the other improbable contender.




In one of those if you would’ve told me a year ago kind of years.


When conventional wisdom retreats sheepishly into exile.


When it goes Matip to Origi, and in.

The final assist, and final goal of this great season.





With a trophy on the way home to Anfield.