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#110 // Weah → Soto USA (U-20) 2 – 2 France (U-20)

Not something you tend to see…

The son of the president of a foreign country making an assist for team USA.





Not only the son of a foreign president, but the son of a man who could do this:




George Weah. 1990’s footballer extraordinaire. AC Milan, PSG, Monaco.

And current president of his home country of Liberia.


With a 19-year-old son, setting up goals for team USA.

Eliciting these kinds of reactions on Twitter:




Here it is again, from the sideways angle.




The equalizing goal for the United States in this U-20 World Cup game against France. A few minutes later, Justin Rennicks scored another to give USA a win.

3-2, in this Round of 16.

Young Timo Weah setting off the first domino of momentum.


Capping off a breakout year for him, as he makes a name for himself at Celtic.

Where he has, though on the receiving end, appeared for an assist before:


#73 // Boyata → Weah Celtic 3 – 0 Airdrieonians



Up in Scotland, having maybe as much fun as you can have in soccer:




Is he the kind of star the United States has been awkwardly waiting on for decades now?