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#111 // Koïta to Konte Mali (U-20) 2 - 2 Argentina (U-20)

Stoppage time, in the 120th minute of extra time.

U-20 World Cup, round of 16.

And a team you don’t often hear about. Equalizing with a trick.




Final, final moment of the game. A free kick twenty yards outside the box. Argentina’s defense in a drowsy semi-arranged setup, waiting for this last bit of action—and then it came.

The ref’s whistle blew.


Koïta knocks a clever, immediate pass forward to Konte.


And he puts it in.


Ten minutes later, it was Mali, of all teams, winning on penalties 5-4.




Last time I heard about Mali was at a concert in New York.

The coolest guitarist I’ve seen in years. From the Saharan desert:




Or that other time, at that other concert.

Amadou & Mariam. The blind couple from the more equatorial part of Mali.






Now the Malians are beating Argentina?




It could just be that Africa has a new upstart team.

And it could just be—that their manager is a West Ham follower?