#112 // Berg → Claesson Sweden 2 – 0 Malta

A new soccer word today:


A bit of “heel foreplay”, from Marcus Berg.




Utsökta klackframspelning, to be precise.




An exquisite heel foreplay.




Or here, for us Anglophone readers, a more legible take:




Wait a second.

Forget all that.

Let’s stick with the Sweden deep dive here.


And see what Rasmus Jansson has to say:





And Erik:





And one Richard Herrey, a sentence that doesn’t need translation at all:




When Zlatan is mentioned, you know you’ve done well.


Amid a chorus of strange, celebratory vocabulary:



Magisk klack!



The unintelligible sounds…

Of a most beautiful heel-flick assist.


From this veteran Swedish national, Marcus Berg.