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#113 // Locksmith → Usain Bolt World XI 1 – 2 England

This was a ridiculous, terrible assist.

Or was it?





If Leon “Locksmith” Rolle knew how far Jamie Carragher has fallen.

If he knew his vertical leap has declined to about an inch.

How out of shape he is. How unaware of how out of shape he is.

If he knew all of this.


Then, with Usain Bolt ready to run on to just about any ball he’d send in…

This pass may just have been brilliant.


The stage name doesn’t hurt, by the way.




Here he is with the top goal from the training session before the game:




Ready to do big things, in this charity match.

The annual event for UNICEF, pitting a team of celebrities and soccer legends against each other.

England against “World”. James McAvoy. Mo Farah. John Terry. Eric Cantona.


And Locksmith. The drum and bass DJ. Assisting Usain Bolt, on a 50-yard through ball.





As for Jamie Carragher, at the back…





He’s getting it pretty bad, after that one.






Even from Gary Neville, too. His Sky Sports co-star.




According to him, it was a charitable bit of defense for charity.




Do we believe him?