#114 // Stanway → White England 1 – 0 Japan

Georgia Stanway, a turn, a pass to Ellen White.

The first great assist of this 2019 Women’s World Cup.





The clearance from the Japan center-back, the controlled header in the midfield down to Stanway’s feet, the turn, a touch and a shield, and a moment later they’ve scored.

An early 1-0 lead in this final group stage game.


Against the defending runners-up, and a team that won it all in 2011.




Stanway is 20, plays for Manchester City, debuted for England late in 2018.

Making the best assist of the tournament yet, in an opening stage that’s seen the bulk of goals come from crosses, set pieces, holes in the defense rather than nimble passwork.





England won it 2-0 in the end, going undefeated in the group stage.

Set to play Cameroon, in the Round of 16. Sunday, in Valenciennes.





The men’s team came up short last year, losing to Croatia in the semifinal.

After a deep World Cup run that made it start to feel like—wait a minute.

Are the women going to…


Is it… coming home?