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#116 // Lewandowski → Müller Bayern Munich 6 - 0 Schalke

It’s September, and we may have already seen the assist of the year.

Robert Lewandowski—and the rabona to perfection.




The still photos of this thing look like a video-game glitch. Absurd. Exquisite. Ridiculous. Beautiful. The kind of silhouette that gets turned into a logo. Printed onto t-shirts. Shaped into a sculpture.





Unbelievable, and one of the best assists you’ll ever see. A classic for immediate, permanent admission to the highlight reels, and a lock for every Best of the 2020’s montage—just nine months into the decade.





Coming just months after that Champions League final over PSG, in this season without an offseason—we have this.

From the UEFA Player of the Year in 2020.

55 goals in 46 appearances.

Winning the treble, as the top goal scorer in each competition (the first since Johan Cruyff in 1971-72).


And now, in the opening week of the 2020-21 campaign, we have this.

The rabona assist. The most sugar-filled icing on the tallest-tiered cake of the best year of his life.




Here it is, one more time: