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#117 // Suárez → Llorente Atlético Madrid 4 - 0 Granada

With the very first touch of his Atlético Madrid career…

Luis Suárez has himself an assist.




Four days ago, he made the sudden move from Barcelona to Atléti. In the 71st minute, he came on for his debut.

And in the 72nd minute: an assist.

A ball in from the wing, a first-touch pass with the inside of his right foot, and Marcos Llorente runs ahead and slots it in.


Two goals later, he has one of the best starts for a world-class player in recent memory.





Six years with Barcelona before this, and their third-highest goal scorer in history.





You watch for how he’ll adjust—into a new city, new team, new system, and how long it might take, leaving the biggest club in the world. You watch him warm up on the sidelines, come in off the bench, and head on to the field.

And then you watch the most seamless transition possible.

An assist on the very first touch.


Why’d they let this guy leave again?