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#118 // McGinn → Grealish Aston Villa 7 - 2 Liverpool

A most historic day in the Premier League.

Man United loses 6-1. And now Liverpool—a complete capsizing.




A nice bit of passwork on the field, a historic bit of passwork in the annals of legend.

The seventh goal of the day for newly promoted Aston Villa, against the reigning champions. John McGinn to Jack Grealish, for the emphatic, ecstatic finish to one of the most stunning games in their history—which brought with it just one tragedy:

A crowd wasn’t there to see it.



Just hours after Man United lost by five, Liverpool loses by five. The “hold my beer” shock collapse of the year—2020 soccer making its most 2020 moves, right out of the gate.





For a team that hardly lost a game last year, it felt strange.

Goals from deflections, Ollie Watkins with a hat trick, and again, that score:





And just how simple it was, that seventh goal and its assist.

McGinn with the ball at his feet. Yards of space. Unlimited time. A glance up, Grealish all alone, and he sends it forward past Alexander-Arnold, lurching, whiffing, and the ball lands right on the spot, onward to goal, and then then finishing touch of a trouncing.

A rickety defense about to crumble, and a pinpoint dismantling.




With the exception of Alisson being out, it was the normal lineup for Liverpool. Not the second string on an off-day, but the top guys. Van Dijk, Salah, Firmino, Robertson. Gomez. Fabinho. Keita. Wijnaldum. Jota. Milner.

That group, walking off the field, and that score:

7 for Aston Villa, 2 for Liverpool.